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Sell Any Condition UD Truck with Truck Auto Wreckers in Hume, Melbourne and in Victoria.

Our lucrative way to sell your truck leaves you with a cash payment up to $27,000.

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We Buy UD Trucks of All Conditions

Although built to last, all trucks near the end of their lives someday. UD Truck Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel trucks in their vehicle line. Truck Wreckers Melbourne recognizes the fine brand name, specializing in all conditions to resell, wreck, and recycle. We are a buyer of used, scrap, salvaged, fire, flooded, wrecked, accident, damaged, old, unwanted, and all other conditions of UD trucks.

We Are a Top Dollar Buyer of UD Trucks

Truck Auto Wreckers is a top dollar buyer of UD trucks. Our maximum payout is $27000 cash, and while trucks are always not in the condition of this high value, we ensure to make our best offer regardless of your UD truck’s condition.

We Are Wreckers & Recyclers in Melbourne

Unlike other wreckers and recyclers, we don’t charge our customers to wreck or recycle their truck. We pay them! We provide instant cash for UD truck recycles and wrecking, coming to remove trucks for free, and leaving a cash payment before we leave. Our truck disposals are eco-friendly as we practice the green principles of recycling.

We Remove UD Trucks as a Courtesy to Our Customers

Your removal is a courtesy of Truck Auto Wreckers when we buy your truck. We provide our customers with courtesy removals throughout Victoria at times of their convenience.

How It Works

To get your truck sold:

  1. Give us a call or complete our Get a Quote form with the model, year, and a complete description of your UD truck.
  2. Take us up on our offer, or reject it.
  3. Truck sellers who accept our quote can then schedule a free vehicle removal at a time of their convenience at no cost to our customers located in Victoria.
  4. Count your cash.

Our Hume auto dismantlers team is experience and courteous, assisting our customers through all steps of the selling process.

Truck Auto Wreckers is the lucrative way to sell your truck. We ask truck sellers who wish to sell their truck to us to let our appraiser know if the title of ownership or scrap certificate is in your possession. We do ask that truck owners have the title to their trucks, but may be able to accept other forms of proof of ownership. Also, please remove the plates for the truck.

Why Choose Truck Auto Wreckers?

When you choose Truck Auto Wreckers, you choose a company that ensures quality services. Our reputation is built on being a truck removal company that sellers can contact for a fair price and quick, quality services for their truck removals.

We are a team who ensures:

  1. On the spot payments – you don’t wait to get the cash in your hand. We pay at the time we collect your truck.
  2. Free truck removals – wherever you are located in Victoria, we will remove your truck for free.
  3. Free car wrecking & recycling – you are never charged for your wrecking and recycling with Truck Auto Wreckers. Quite the contrary, you just count your cash for its wrecking and recycling.
  4. Free paperwork – we provide all legal paperwork.

Get a quote for your unwanted UD truck of any condition. Contact Truck Auto Wreckers for a quick quote with a maximum payout of $27,000.

Contact Us

Call 0478 103 560.