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Don’t wait to sell your make of any truck in Victoria. Truck Auto Wreckers will buy it from you and pay up to $19,999 cash paid on the spot!

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We Buy All Brands in Victoria

At Hume Auto Wreckers, you have a truck buyer for your:

We Buy Trucks of Any Condition

At Truck Auto Wreckers you have a buyer for your truck regardless of its condition. Unlike other car removal companies in Melbourne, we buy all conditions of trucks:

  • Used
  • Wrecked
  • Smashed
  • Accident
  • Scrap
  • Damaged
  • Old
  • Unwanted
  • Fire
  • Salvaged
  • Flooded
  • Broken
  • And, Any Other Condition

We Pay Top Dollars for Trucks

Our maximum payout is $19,999, and with the knowledge and accuracy of our auto appraisers, we are known for making the best cash offers for trucks of any condition. We provide truck owners with instant cash quote that can be obtained over the phone or online.

There Is Never a Cost for Your Truck Removal

Truck Auto Wreckers

Our truck wreck services are designed to cater to the needs of our customers. While your truck may be in working condition, there is no need to take time from your busy schedule to bring your truck to us. We provide free truck removals to all our customers located in Hume, Melbourne and Victoria. At Truck Auto Wreckers we do our best to work around the schedules of our customers to provide convenient truck removals.

We Provide Eco-Friendly Disposals

With millions of trucks nearing the end of their lives yearly, disposing of trucks in a landfill or open plot is out of the question. Trucks disposed of in landfills or open plots create hazards to the environment. At Truck Auto Wreckers, there are no concerns. We dispose of trucks in eco-friendly manners. Whether pulling working parts from an accident truck and then recycling the remainder of the truck or recycling a scrap truck, truck disposals are eco-friendly. We pay cash for truck disposals.

Why Choose Truck Auto Wreckers?

Truck Auto Wreckers is a truck removal company in Hume who is a professional truck buyer. We are in the business to provide services that truck owners of all makes and conditions require:

  • Used truck buying
  • Truck Recycling
  • Truck Wrecking

With our range of expertise in the truck industry, our customers receive services that meet their needs. We are a company that knows more than the value of trucks. We know the value of time. We have designed a better way to sell trucks quickly:

  1. Obtain a cash quote for trucks over the phone or online. Our appraisers only require the make, model, year, and condition of a truck to provide an accurate quote.
  2. Accept or reject our quote.
  3. Sellers that accept will then be asked to schedule a free truck removal anywhere in Victoria.

With three easy steps, your truck is sold and quickly removed. We provide all the legal paperwork with the exception of the truck’s title, which will need to be provided by sellers. Our system is designed to be quick.

At Truck Auto Wreckers, we are the lucrative way to sell your truck.

For a quick cash quote for any make and condition of truck contact Truck Auto Wreckers. We guarantee a cash quote up to $19999 paid on the spot when you accept our offer.

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