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Sell your Mercedes-Benz truck of any condition with ease. Truck Auto Wreckers is the professional Mercedes-Benz truck buyer in Victoria.

With fast removals, and cash payments up to $24,000 we are a lucrative way to sell your Mercedes truck.

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When selling your truck, we are your friend.

We Buy Mercedes-Benz Trucks of All Conditions

Known for luxury, Mercedes-Benz trucks are top of the line trucks with a long-standing reputation of quality. Truck Auto Wreckers Melbourne buys Mercedes-Benz trucks of all conditions. We take all factors that make or add value to the truck into consideration before we make a quote as we know there are many ways to get optimal value from trucks of all conditions. We buy used trucks in good running condition just as those that may need some repairs. We also buy scrap, accident, damaged, old, unwanted, fire, flooded, salvaged, wrecked, and broken trucks to wreck for any working parts to recondition, and to recycle. With us, you get top value for your Benz truck.

We Make Top Cash Payments Up to $24000 CASH

When we make an offer, we make our best offer up to $24000 cash. Let us know the condition of your truck. Be as complete as possible in its description, including the condition of the tyres, its frame, engine, and body. We are ready to make you our best offer for your Mercedes-Benz truck for sale in Victoria. Give us a call, and we’ll make you a quick quote.

We Remove Mercedes Trucks in Victoria for Free

When your truck for sale of any condition is for sale in Victoria, you won’t be charged towing when you sell your truck to us. We are your truck buyer and removal company that provides fast and courteous truck removals, doing our best to schedule the removals at times convenient for you.

Our Truck Disposals Are Eco-Friendly

Trucks in conditions such as scrap, wrecked, damaged, and old that need to be disposed of will be so in an eco-friendly manner. Truck Auto Wreckers are Hume auto wreckers & recyclers that recondition parts, as well as recycle the parts and steel of the truck. With us, you have an eco-friendly truck disposal that pays top dollars.

Why Choose Truck Auto Wreckers?

Aside from us making truck owners great cash deals on their trucks for sale, we also ensure quality services that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. We provide a range of services that include:

  • Instant cash payments – we make cash quotes over the phone and online and are quick to put the cash in the hands of the truck owners.
  • Free truck towing when we buy your truck – when we purchase your truck, your removal is on us! We remove trucks at convenient times for our customers free of charge anywhere in Victoria. Accept our quote, and we’ll be on our way.
  • Eco-Friendly Truck Wrecking & Recycling – as Mercedes truck wreckers and recyclers, you can get rid of your truck that is no longer roadworthy and get cash for the truck. We are wreckers & recyclers that offer eco-friendly wrecking & recycling to get the most value from trucks.
  • Free paperwork – we provide all the legal paperwork for a clean deal.

Contact us for a top dollar quote for your Mercedes truck for sale. We pay up to $24000 and come to you with the cash and paperwork to buy your truck on the spot. Call or contact us online.

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