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Truck Disposal

At Truck Auto Wreckers, your truck disposal is eco-friendly.

Get top cash for your truck of any make & condition. We are the lucrative way to sell trucks with cash payments up to $9,999.

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Free Truck Disposals in QLD

Truck Auto Wreckers is quick to arrive to buy your scrap, damaged, old or wrecked truck and provide you with cash for its disposal. We are more than truck buyers. We are truck recyclers and wreckers who have the facilities to safely dispose of trucks in an eco-friendly manner. When we buy an accident truck, we’ll pull any working parts and then recycle the truck. Scrap, damaged, and old trucks will be recycled. With our standards in truck recycling, you don’t have the concerns of a dangerous disposal that pollutes the environment. You also receive maximum cash for its recycling.

Best Prices for Trucks in Any Conditions

Truck Auto Wreckers - Truck Disposal

At Truck Auto Wreckers, our customers receive great prices for their scrap, accident, wrecked, smashed, old, & damaged trucks. We are truck buyers who buy all makes & conditions of trucks. Get rid of your wrecked Hino, smashed UD, accident Kenworth, old Scania, Damage Mitsubishi or any other make and condition of truck, and get up to $9,999.

Instant Cash at Trucks Auto Wreckers

Why wait to get the cash value for your truck. Truck Auto Wreckers will pay cash on the spot! We are truck buyers who come to you with cash to buy and remove your truck. Imagine counting up to $9,999, our best offer!

Why Choose Us?

When selling a truck, it is essential to have a reputable buyer or you could be left with the liability of the truck. Truck Auto Wreckers is a reputable truck buyer that does offer a lucrative way to sell unwanted trucks.

Our business was built with a true passion for the truck industry. We are a team of appraisers, truck specialists, removal experts, wreckers, and recyclers whose job is to provide our customers with services and payouts that are second to none.

We don’t make selling your truck a hassle. We make selling your truck a breeze. Truck owners don’t need to arrange for transportation, nor do they need to waste hours of the day to get it sold & removed. We make instant quotes over the phone and online and quickly arrive to buy & remove the truck or trucks.

With a team of experts, and a company name you can trust, you have a truck buyer who eliminates the concerns associated with selling your truck.

How It Works

First, a quote must be obtained and accepted to get the process started. Our quotes are non-obligational with no pressure to accept:

  1. Contact us over the phone or online with the details of your truck- make, model, year, and a complete description.
  2. Accept or reject our quote.
  3. Should you accept our quote; a removal will be scheduled at a time that fits your schedule.
  4. While waiting for our arrival, gather the title of ownership or scrap title for the truck, and have your photo ID ready to provide our driver.
  5. We arrive with the paperwork which will need to be signed prior to exchanging the cash for the sale of your truck.

Contact Us

Call 0478 103 560.