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Truck Auto Wreckers specializes in Isuzu Truck Buying, offering a fastest way to sell your unwanted, old, scrap or wrecked Isuzu trucks Brisbane wide, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

We pay up to $19,999 cash paid on the spot when we remove your Isuzu truck.

Call 0478 103 560.

We Are Isuzu Truck Buyers in QLD

When selling an Isuzu truck, no ordinary buyer will do! The Japanese brand is world renowned for their excellent quality in truck manufacturing. Isuzu Truck Wreckers Brisbane is not an ordinary buyer. We specialise in Isuzu brand trucks.

We Pay Top Cash for Isuzu Trucks

As Isuzu Truck Wreckers Brisbane specialists, we know the value of an Isuzu. We price our maximum payout high as Isuzu trucks are quality trucks. Our maximum payout is $19,999 cash that is paid on the spot when we buy your truck.

We Buy Isuzu Trucks of All Conditions

Whether your Isuzu Isuzu D-Max, N Series, F Series, Isuzu Giga, Isuzu Crew Cab is wrecked or badly damaged, or your FTR is in scrap condition, we will make you a cash quote for the truck. We buy Isuzu trucks in every condition- used, scrap, damaged, salvaged, fire, flooded, wrecked, accident, broken, old, smashed, rusted, or any other condition.

We Dispose of Trucks in An Eco-Friendly Manner

At Truck Auto Wreckers, we dispose of Isuzu trucks that have no life left to live in an eco-friendly manner. Our wreckers will pull all working parts from the trucks, and our Brisbane auto recyclers will then recycle what is left of the trucks. Trucks that have no working parts will be recycled. With our wrecking and recycling truck disposals are considered eco-friendly as they do not contaminate the earth with hazardous materials.

Why Choose Isuzu Truck Wreckers Brisbane?

Truck Auto Wreckers is fast to provide truck owners with instant cash for trucks, and free removals. We are a company in QLD who specialises in Isuzu trucks, so sellers are more likely to get a better price from us for the sale of their Isuzu than our competitors. We are a company with:

  • A team of specialists who have the expertise in Isuzu trucks to provide sellers with great cash prices regardless of the condition of their truck.
  • A team who buys all conditions of Isuzu trucks and pays up to $19,999 cash.
  • A team who pays cash on the spot!
  • A team who always provides a free truck removal anywhere in QLD when trucks are sold to us.
  • A team who provides courtesy services like free truck wrecking and free truck recycling.
  • A team who provides all legal paperwork.

Days are busy, and when we are the choice for a removal company, we don’t waste time getting to our customers to buy & remove their unwanted trucks.

How It Works

Our system is designed to do away with hassles while meeting the needs of truck sellers. We provide sellers with instant cash quotes that can be obtained over the phone and online.

  1. Call or complete our “Get a Quote.” Information that our appraiser will require includes the make, model, year, and a complete description of your truck.
  2. Accept or reject our quote.
  3. Schedule a free truck removal anywhere in QLD.

As easy as 1, 2, 3, your unwanted Isuzu of any condition is sold & removed! We are the truck buyers in QLD who are more than an easiest way to sell a truck. We are a fast way to sell a truck!

To obtain a cash quote for your truck for sale call us or complete our Get a Quote form for a cash offer up to $9,999.

Contact Us

Call 0478 103 560.